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Meet The Team

Mike Williams

President & Owner. What began as a basement hobby years ago has turned into three wineries across two states, 75 employees, and more than 200,000 gallons of wine being produced every year. Mike's passion and drive, as well as his blood, sweat, and tears have gone into making the winery what it is today. His lifelong motto—"do well (make a good product), do good (work to give back to our communities), and have fun"—is our driving mission to do this day.

Jamie Williams

Vice President & Owner. After some time away from the winery, Jamie came back in 2004 to join his father, Mike, in the family business by overseeing Pennsylvania and some Ohio operations. Jamie is extremely active in the PA Wine Industry and has served as the President of the Pennsylvania Wine Association. He is currently a member of the Wine Marketing Research Board and is passionate about putting Pennsylvania Wine on the map.

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Carol Williams

Secretary & Owner. Married to R. Mike Williams for over 45 years, Carol’s position in the company has changed over time. When the first winery, in Wilcox, PA, was opened she managed the books and did some design and retail work. As the business grew, Carol left her full-time position with a local company to be the retail manager at The Winery at Wilcox. Today Carol rides her horse, loves to garden, raise unusual chickens, and helps her daughter with horse rescue. She is active in her church, Bible Fellowship, where she and Mike head up the Welcome Center and 2nd Cup ministry, is active in the Women’s Prayer Group, and also volunteers at The Brethren Retirement Community.

Jill Schultz

Office Manager. Jill joined our team in January of 2019. She and her husband Paul live in Kane with their children Brennan and Andie and their dog, Olive. Jill's dream is to one day open her own cake franchise called "Nothin Bundt Cakes". Want to know a secret about Jill? There aren't any. She will tell you anything and everything about herself. Jill says the key to her success is "Being kind to everyone and having a positive attitude".

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Jamie Lynn Warrender

Wilcox Retail Manager. Jamie Lynn joined our team in October of 2012 as a part time worker at our DuBois location. She quickly fell in love with her job and took over the Retail Management position at the main Winery in Wilcox. Aside from running the retail shop, Jamie Lynn is the head of festivals, event planner and also designs special labels! Outside of the Winery she is a member of the Wilcox Recreation Board. In her spare time Jamie enjoys playing tennis, going to Hanson concerts and doing something that she likes to call "quality control checks" on our wine. Jamie says her 'burning desire' is to acquire a ton of money to help her mother renovate their family farm and to also own a sassy pet goat named "Butterscotch", The secret to her success? "When you're confident, honest and control your inner-dialogue, things become much more simple."

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Stefanie Kear

DuBois Retail Manager. Stefanie has been employed with the winery for 12 years. Stefanie lives in Falls Creek with her 2 children Dylan and Colin and their dog Hooper Bowie. Stefanie enjoys spending time with her friends and family, listening to music and dancing. Stefanie is obsessed with sharks and one of her dreams is to get up close with great white sharks in a cage. If you are lucky enough have met Stefanie, you know everything about her and how loving and kind she is to everyone around her. Her key to success? "Work hard and have passion for what you do".

Liz Kletzli

Settlers Ridge Retail Manager. Liz has been with the winery for over a year now. She has lived just outside the city of Pittsburgh her whole life, but is always looking for a new adventure, whether it be a trail to hike, a restaurant to try, or a movie to see. She loves musicals, so don't be surprised if there are Broadway show-tunes playing when you visit the store. She's also passionate about books and dogs, so be prepared for a lengthy list of reading recommendations along with approximately 100 pictures of her pups. Liz's key to success? "Keep moving forward, and if you don't know something, Google it."